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Unicle data science

We understand biology, we really do

Many petabytes of biomedical data are generated everyday.

At Unicle we are scientists first, and are truly excited to help you discover patterns, identify relationships and test hypotheses in complex biomedical datasets such as those generated from molecular profiling technologies, electronic health records or laboratory information systems.


We understand your challenges

Bioinformatics challenges are plentiful, data generated from new technologies requires the development of novel algorithms, biomedical researchers are restlessly waiting for data processing and interpretation, and perhaps you have scientific projects of your own that need to be developed.


It’s about time!

Physician-scientists have greatly contributed to scientific discoveries and made significant advances in the evidence-based management of patients. Clinicians have unrivalled domain-knowledge, understand the actual needs and limitations of day-to-day practice and have unlimited access to patient-derived data and material. However, the time to develop ideas and hypotheses into scientific projects and, ultimately, scientific publications is very often very limited. We love to help you convert your ideas into succesful scientific projects.

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